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As pet parents ourselves, all of us here at Life’s Abundance know just how overwhelming it can be to choose the right food for your dog. There is so much conflicting information out there: you have to be grain free! Your canine needs to eat like a wolf! You should be putting antioxidants on everything! Home made food is better than commercial! How do you possibly make sense of all the conflicting information from so many different sources? One of my goals when formulating a new food is to keep... Read more →

Want to try a sample of Life's Abundance Grain Free All Stages Dog Food, Grain Free All Stages Cat Food or our Original All Stages Dog Food? Life's Abundance has been serving the pet community since 1999 with holistically formulated goodness that has NEVER been recalled! The dry foods are shipped to your door generally within 4-6 weeks of being made. Click Here To Order Your Samples Click here to learn more about our Life's Abundance Grain Free All Stages Dog Food Click here to learn more about our Life's... Read more →

The Business Standard recently published this article. Personally I have always felt that by having pets as a child, I was "better off" for even more reasons than this study. I feel that by just teaching children to help take care of another living being, it helps them respect animals and humans even more. I think this study is interesting and at the end it talks about a "dog pill." While I don't agree with that, I do agree that having a dog, cat or any other pet enriches our... Read more →

How Are Your Dog's Teeth? Did You Know There Is An Easy Way To Help Your Dog With Their Dental Hygiene?

Have you looked at your dog's teeth lately? Have you smelled your dog's breath? It's probably time they need a little help with their dental hygiene and here's a tasty Gourmet Dental Treat to help! The Gourmet Dental Treats for dogs are gluten free and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. Not only do they contain high quality proteins, they also contain parsley to help freshen your dog's breath. There are hefty helpings of calcium and phosphorous which are important ingredients for strong bones and teeth. They are made in... Read more →

Do You Own A Pet Sitting Business Or A Dog Walking Business? Find Out Why You Should Join Life's Abundance

Do you own a pet sitting or dog walking business? As former pet sitters and dog walkers, we know first hand that you can have a lot of LONG days! Holidays were really just a NONSleepAThon for us followed by a few weeks of drought because people had been on vacation for the holiday. We had decided to not hire on additional pet sitters but that left us with a salary cap. There are only so many hours in the day that we could pet sit and charging our customers... Read more →

Why Dog Breeders And Cat Breeders Should Join Life's Abundance

Are you a dog breeder or a cat breeder? Are you recommending dog and cat foods, treats, supplements or pet care products to your puppy or kitten parents? Are you getting paid on those recommendations? If not, listen to this video! When someone gets a new puppy or kitten, they look to their breeder for advice. When you recommend a dog or cat food, that person goes out and purchases it. They give that store the business for your recommendation. Everyone gives their dog or cat treats, same thing! Why... Read more →

Wow! It seems like yesterday. I remember seeing the countless recalls come through and getting calls from devastated pet parents who were looking for a healthy option for their beloved dogs and cats. It was awful. I didn't like picking up the phone because there were so many tears being shed from those affected. On March 15, 2007 the FDA notified Menu Foods that pets were dying. On March 16, 2007, the first recall was announced. In less than 3 weeks, the FDA had over 12,000 consumer complaints that their... Read more →

Do you love dogs and cats? Are you looking for something that can create an ongoing income while you are still working your full time job? We invite you to join us! Since 2003 we have been sharing healthy, never recalled and holistically formulated dog and cat foods, treats, supplements and pet care products. In addition, we also have nutritional supplements that are fantastic and skin care products to be released soon. Start working on your fortune part time, while still working full time. No inventory! No paperwork! Easy peasy!... Read more →