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The Dr Jane Foundation Of Life's Abundance Makes An Emergency Donation To Austin Pets Alive!

Emergency Foundation Donation To Austin Pets Alive!
πŸ’œπŸ•πŸΎπŸˆπŸ’™ Life's Abundance donates a portion of every purchase to the Dr. Jane Foundation! See the link below for more info on how your 501c3 rescue can apply for a foundation grant!
🐱🐢 They are accepting foundation grant applications now! Deadline is Sept. 18.
Dr Jane Foundation
We’re pleased to announce that The Dr. Jane Foundation has awarded Austin Pets Alive! an emergency grant of $1,500 toward their Hurricane Harvey response efforts. Austin Pets Alive! has demonstrated a willingness and readiness to respond to the sudden and overwhelming needs of their neighboring communities. Since Hurricane Harvey’s impacts began, this rescue organization has stepped up to the plate, helping affected shelters and transporting over 1,000 companion animals to safety. Furthermore, they anticipate that number will double by the weekend!
If you’re a Texas resident and are willing to open your home to a foster animal, Austin Pets Alive! encourages you to contact them about a displaced pet. At present, they are seeking long-term placements rather than short-term stays. Of course, your own monetary contributions are welcomed! For more information about their needs, please visit their hurricane response web page.
More About The Dr. Jane Foundation
Small and medium-size rescues are the primary beneficiaries of the grants awarded by The Dr. Jane Foundation. However, they also bestow emergency donations of food and financial support to victims of disaster. Previous recipients include Louisiana in 2016 after a massive flooding event, New York & New Jersey in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, Alabama in 2011 after waves of F4 and F5 tornados, and Colorado after the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire and in 2013 after their own bout of flooding.
We are currently accepting applications for 2017 funding. Our Board will be considering applications for the next round of funding in October, so try to have completed grant requests submitted by September 18th to ensure your group’s consideration.
Our link is - Click on Foundation and download the Application in the first paragraph. As your referral put Rich and Lisa Jelinek. If you have questions, please email us.
Thanks to your personal donations and continued patronage, we are taking real steps to help animal rescue groups across America achieve their goals and to weather tragedy. Together, we’re making a positive difference in the world, one rescue at a time.
Remember that every purchase made on this site donates a portion to rescues and shelters in need!! Our products are holistically formulated and have never been recalled! Shop for your dog or cat at


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