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Why Pet Sitters And Dog Walkers Should Join Life's Abundance

We got started with Life's Abundance in 2003 when we owned our pet sitting business. We had clients asking us for product recommendations and as a pet professional we knew we had to be recommending high quality, safe products for their pets. Our search led us to Life's Abundance and after we spoke to their holistic vet formulator, we knew this was the right decision for us.

During the 2007 pet food recalls we were so happy that we had made the choice to recommended Life's Abundance products because they were not recalled. How would I have felt if we had been recommending a food on that recall list? During the past decade there have been thousands of recalls on dog and cat foods and treats. We are proud to say that Life's Abundance has NEVER had a recall and they have been serving the pet community since 1999.

If you are a pet sitter or dog walker, please watch the video below. To get started and join our team, click here.


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