Dog & Puppy Treats

Porky Puffs! The Safe Alternative To Rawhides For Dogs

Rio and Thor LOVE these! Best of all, I don't have to worry about their safety. I remember when I was young and our dogs had rawhides. I remember them trying to swallow them and then gurking them back up. I remember stepping on a 1/2 chewed, slimey rawhide in the middle of the night (ewwwww!). You won't get that with Porky Puffs

Packed with high-quality protein, Porky Puffs chewable treats are non-greasy and contain no artificial preservatives or flavors. They contain no artificial colors so you won’t have to worry about hard-to-remove stains in your carpet!

They are easily digestible and therefore a safe alternative to rawhide, which can cause choking, throat irritations and potentially dangerous intestinal blockages.

Treat your pup with the best and order them Porky Puffs today!


Rio And Thor Are In Chewing Heaven With These Buffalo Bully Sticks!

Rio and Thor LOVE to chew. When our order of Buffalo Bully Sticks arrives they go bananas. Serious drool begins just looking at the bags and knowing they have a new batch in the house. They also know they are in the pantry and I'm not going to put the blame on Rio but he did help himself to a tasty Buffalo Bully Stick when the package was open! I guess this is what I get when they have the lowest and most accessible shelf in the pantry dedicated to their treats and supplements.

Poor Thor was devastated knowing his brother had a Buffalo Bully Stick and he didn't. I could tell something was wrong because Thor was pacing back and forth in the office so I went to look for Rio. He was hiding in the bedroom on his pillow just chewing away. The look on his face was priceless when I walked in and caught him. Just like human siblings, Rio and Thor are no different in tattling on each other. 

As you can see by the video, they don't even give me the time of the day when it's chewing time. If you're looking for a healthy chew stick for your dog, CLICK HERE and grab some Buffalo Bully Sticks. They come in 6 and 9 inches. Even though Rio and Thor are large dogs, we get them the 6 inches Buffalo Bully Sticks because there are 6 in a package. That way we get 3 servings each for their chewing pleasure.


How Are Your Dog's Teeth? Did You Know There Is An Easy Way To Help Your Dog With Their Dental Hygiene?

Have you looked at your dog's teeth lately? Have you smelled your dog's breath? It's probably time they need a little help with their dental hygiene and here's a tasty Gourmet Dental Treat to help!

The Gourmet Dental Treats for dogs are gluten free and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. Not only do they contain high quality proteins, they also contain parsley to help freshen your dog's breath. There are hefty helpings of calcium and phosphorous which are important ingredients for strong bones and teeth. They are made in a US bakery too!

Order your dog or puppy some Gourmet Dental Treats today!