Groomers And Mobile Groomers! Find Out Why You Want To Add Life's Abundance Healthy Pet Products To Your Business!

Are you a groomer or mobile groomer? What is your back up plan? Many grooming shops will offer pet products to their customers to purchase. However, can your customer go anywhere to get that product once they leave your shop? If the answer is want to watch this video and find out how Life's Abundance products can help you. 

If you are a mobile groomer, you're tight for space. Also, you are limited to how many grooms you can do per day which limits your income. Now you can offer products that Life's Abundance will send directly to your customers for you! 

As a groomer, when you become a Life's Abundance Rep, you will have a website that is coded to you. Here is an example of what your website will look like -

Simply direct your client to your Life's Abundance website or you can attach this site to your grooming website and it is a seamless transition for them to place an order. You earn bonuses and commissions for every order placed on your site and you retail that customer for life. If you close your grooming business, you can remain a Life's Abundance Rep and continue to earn on your customers purchases. This is much better than sending them off to a big box store to make a purchase :) Life's Abundance products have NEVER been recalled and the dry foods are shipped to your customer generally within 4-6 weeks of being made. Big box stores get their foods from warehouses that may have housed that food for 12-18 months before shipping to them - yuck! Also, when you are a Life's Abundance Rep, you have an excellent customer service team that will answer questions. Our product formulator even hosts a monthly call where you can ask questions directly!

Watch our video and then check out the Life's Abundance Opportunity here. We are happy to help and work this business full time from home. We'd love to have you join our team of pet professionals spreading the word about healthy, holistically formulated pet products!