Recall Expansion Smokehouse Pet Products Inc. Recalls All Lots Of “Beefy Munchies” Sold Nationwide Because Of Possible Salmonella Contamination
Green Bay's Carnivore Meat Company Issues Voluntary Recall of “Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Beef Nibblets Entrée For Dogs” Pet Food

Blue Buffalo Bought By General Mills


It was bound to happen, another big conglomerate got into the pet food game. This time it's General Mills buying Blue Buffalo for approximately US$8 billion, or US$40 per share in cash.

I have never been a Blue Buffalo fan. They've been riddled with recalls for years and I still remember when they told all those mom and pop stores (who really built this food for them), they would always stay with them and not go into big box stores. Sure enough, they entered the market with PetsMart and PetCo and of course Chewy. Chewy is now owned by PetsMart...another sell out. On top of everything, Blue Buffalo recently announced they'd sell their lower foods in Walmart as a gateway to have people buy their foods and upgrade to their other foods. Blue Buffalo also just got out of a battle with Purina. 

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Here's a sampling of Blue Buffalo in the news -February 28, 2017, February 13, 2017May 31, 2016, November 25, 2015November 8, 2015October 8, 2010

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