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One of us is happy One of us is not This shampoo... Smells FABULOUS! Rinses easily. A little goes a LONG way and this bottle lasts a LONG time. Neutralizes odors. Makes their coat shine like nobody's business! Rio is the only red dog we've had and the rest have all been black/mahogany or black/tan and their coats WOWed peeps! This is the only shampoo we've used for 15 years because it's that darn good! If you want your baby to shine, CLICK HERE to order. 🐾 Thanks to my... Read more →

Most people believe cats purr when they are content or happy, end of story. While cats do purr when they are content, researchers attempting to uncover the answer to this 3,000-year-old mystery are finding the answer more complicated – and fascinating - than an expression of happiness. All domestic cats purr, as do many wild cats, and purring occurs in a variety of situations. When cats purr in the presence of other unknown cats or kittens, the behavior may serve as a friendly greeting or to convey submissiveness. While it’s... Read more →