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Life's Abundance Canned Dog And Puppy Food Is Delicious! Check Out Rio Taste Testing In The Video!

I love doing videos with Rio! He's always super supportive and willing to try and listen to what I'm saying. 

BUT there comes a time when his cuteness takes over and he just really needs to eat some of what we're discussing. I may have missed half of what I wanted to say but loved him in this video so why redo it?!? 

As you can see, Life's Abundance currently carries 3 varieties of holistically formulated canned dog and puppy food. We have 1 grain free canned dog food (Pork and Venison grain free canned dog food) and 2 more canned dog food varieties (Turkey and Shrimp in broth canned dog food and Chicken and Crab in sauce canned dog food).

All 3 can be feed as a meal, toppers or just mix-ins. 

What didn't I say in the video?

Our canned dog food is in BPA free cans.

It has NEVER been recalled.

It's delivered to your door! Yep, no matter how many cases you buy, it's just $8.85 to ship it to you. Why drive to get quality, premium canned food when you can have it delivered.

You can order by the case, but if you want to try them, they are available in single cans too!

3 canned foods from Life's Abundance www.HealthyPetPeeps.com


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