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The FDA Found An Alarming 70 Times The Intended Amount Of Vitamin D In The Dog Foods Recalled. What Are The Signs Of Elevated Vitamin D Levels And What Steps Does Life's Abundance Take To Keep Dogs Safer?

The FDA Found An Alarming 70 times The Intended Amount Of Vitamin D In The Dog Foods Recalled. What Are The Signs Of Elevated Vitamin D Levels And What Steps Does Life's Abundance Take To Keep Dogs Safer_

If you've been watching the news or our recalls page, you've been seeing all the dog foods recalled for excess Vitamin D. This is scary and if you have fed any of those, we have tips on what to look for if you're dog is experiencing symptoms of excess Vitamin D. 

We've also been receiving the questions...Is Life's Abundance involved in the recall? Has Life's Abundance ever had a recall? What does Life's Abundance do to keep our pets safer? Here's the information you are seeking and will help you when choosing a new dog or cat food for your precious loved one.

NO LIFE’S ABUNDANCE PET FOODS ARE INVOLVED IN THIS OR ANY RECALL. Life's Abundance has been serving the pet community since 1999 and has NEVER had a recall. Since 2007 there have been hundreds of recalls and we are proud to say that Life's Abundance is not one of them.

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Current Information

The FDA has expanded its investigation of the presence of elevated levels of Vitamin D in dry dog foods, which can be toxic and cause serious health problems. Currently, there are eight brands and twelve different diets that have been recalled. After evaluating samples of several of these foods, the FDA found an alarming 70 times the intended amount of vitamin D. Although an essential nutrient for dogs, very high amounts of Vitamin D can cause serious health problems like kidney failure or death.

The FDA says signs of elevated vitamin D levels can include vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss. Pet parents with dogs that have been eating the recalled brands and showing these symptoms should discontinue use, contact their veterinarian and can also report a suspected case to the FDA. Click here for the current FDA information and recall list. You can also stay updated on dog and cat food recalls on our Facebook page.

Suspected Problem

In the pet food industry, it is common for manufacturers to make dog food diets for other companies. For example, Sunshine Mills makes Evolve, Triumph and Nature Farms, to name a few. It is also very common for these manufacturers to purchase generic vitamin and mineral mixes and use them in other brands. This could be the reason why we saw the Vitamin D recall start with just two brands and expand to eight brands ... and maybe even more.

Safer Solution

At Life's Abundance, we have a much better and safer way of making pet foods. For example, as it relates to this situation with Vitamin D, we do not use a generic vitamin and mineral mix in our pet diets. In other words, the mix we use is a proprietary formula that is made only for Life's Abundance and no other company. This exclusive vitamin and mineral mix goes beyond what AAFCO requires and is just one of the steps we take to make sure your pets are getting safe and nutritious foods.

We hope the information we shared with you will do two things. Alert unsuspecting dog food consumers of this situation so their dogs don’t get sick and also help you feel even more confident about Life's Abundance and our commitment to helping families, including our pets, live long, healthy lives!

As we mentioned earlier, Life's Abundance has never had a recall. That goes for their dog and cat treats, supplements, grooming products, our line of human nutritional supplements, and our skin and body care products. If you're not a Life's Abundance customer, we invited you to explore our products and have your furry loved one try them. Add a few things for yourself, too :) 

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Life's Abundance has had NO RECALLS EVER!

Life's Abundance has been in business since 1999.

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Life's Abundance dry dog and cat foods are generally shipped within 6 weeks of being made. They don't sit in non climate controlled warehouses or semi trailers for months before hitting the store shelves.

Life's Abundance dog and cat foods are made in small, quality controlled batches for your furry loved one.
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Enjoy your day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek


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