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🐾 Life's Abundance makes 3 delicious canned dog foods. These are great as stand alone foods or as a mix-in. Since Rio is a large dog, he get's a 1/2 of a can mixed into his dry food. While he drools over all 3, I think his personal favorite is the Pork and Venison. 🐶 Or, maybe that's because it my favorite. 🤷‍♀️ I like the Pork and Venison because it's in loaf form so it's easy to divide in 1/2 and mix in. The Life's Abundance Pork and Venison... Read more →

It's National Pet Dental Health Month and we're here to celebrate with exclusive savings on 2 delicious dental products for your pooch! Starting today and throughout the entire month of February, Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats for Adult Dogs (9-oz. and 18-oz. bags) and Life's Abundance Porky Puffs are available to everyone at their discounted Autoship prices, up to 18% savings off retail! Celebrate #NationalPetDentalHealth Month by helping dogs support healthy teeth and gums! These 2 products have been part of Rio's life for many years. As a senior dog,... Read more →