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Where Can I Buy Life's Abundance Dog And Cat Food, Treats, Supplements, Pet Care Products, Nutritional Supplements And Skin Care Products?

Where Can I Buy Life's Abundance Products

Two of the questions we are asked most often is...Where can I buy Life's Abundance products and is Life's Abundance sold in stores? Life's Abundance dog and cat foods, treats, supplements, and pet care products along with nutritional supplements and skin care for us are not sold in stores. You also will not be able to purchase Life's Abundance products online at Amazon, Chewy, or any big box store. The reason for this is we want to make sure you are receiving the dry foods as soon as possible from being made. Our dog and cat foods are made in small batches and then sent immediately to one of our 6 distribution centers. This ensures that you are receiving food quickly instead of sitting in a non-climate controlled warehouse for months before hitting a store's shelves for possibly more months. 

Become a Life's Abundance wholesale customer

If you're lucky enough to be near one of Life's Abundance 6 distribution centers, you can pick your products up after you place your order online. We've been to the Fullerton, CA (new location as of November 2020 is Brea, CA) Life's Abundance distribution center twice (so far) and both times have been easy peasy. We placed our order online while in CA and checked the box for pick up and Fullerton, CA. We received email when the order was ready. Next time we're in CA, we plan on stopping at the new Brea location. 

Right now our distribution centers have contactless pick up which is very nice. With contactless pick up you don't even leave your vehicle and they'll load everything into your car or truck! The contactless instructions will be in your pick up email.

Rio loves Life's Abundance dog food and treats

This is our Rio! He is 15 1/2!!! Rio has been loving his Life's Abundance dog food, treats and supplements all these years. He looks great for his age and his favorite thing is going for walks. We don't go far any longer but it makes us so happy that he's still got so much zest for life. Update Our gorgeous boy Rio passed away in his sleep a week shy of 16 years 8 months old. We miss him every day.

As of July 2020, there are 6 Life's Abundance distribution centers. They are located in Florida, Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, California, and Oregon. 

Please remember that you must place your order FIRST and pay online as they are not "stores" you can shop in.

Here are the addresses of the Life's Abundance distribution centers:

Life's Abundance Florida - 101 Capitol Street, Jupiter, FL 33458 (pick up 9am-5:30pm)

Life's Abundance Connecticut - 61 Mattatuck Heights Rd, Waterbury, CT 06705 (pick up 9am-4:30pm)

Life's Abundance Illinois - 1403 Corporate Drive, McHenry, IL 60050 (pick up 9am-4:30pm)

Life's Abundance Texas - 200 Success Boulevard, Dumas, TX 79029 (pick up 9am-4:30pm)

Life's Abundance California - 1435 Pioneer Street, Brea, CA 92821 (pick up 9am-4:30pm) 

Life's Abundance Oregon - 10660 SW Manhasset Dr., Tualatin, OR 97062 (pick up 9am-4:30pm)

Place your order online first as you will not be able to just stop by and shop. These are distribution centers and not stores. Your order is usually ready in about 30 minutes from placing it online and you will receive a text when it's ready. If you arrive early, there may be a short wait. When orders are placed during the weekend or after hours, you will receive a message the next business day when your order is ready for pick up. You can even choose to have your order on autoship for pick up.

If you're not near a Life's Abundance distribution center, no worries! You can conveniently have your Life's Abundance products shipped to your door. That's what we've been doing since 2003 and haven't had to lug bags from a store or waste time in the store since then.

NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL: Autoship pricing is our best pricing. If you'd like to be our new Life's Abundance customer to try the products and not be on autoship, we have a special for you!

Simply CLICK HERE, fill out the form and we can set you up as a wholesale customer. This means you'll receive our preferred customer autoship pricing without having to be on an autoship. This is handy for those that want to save money but aren't sure of their autoship schedule.

Once we set up your account, you'll receive an email directly from Life's Abundance. Click on the link in the email and set up your password. The pricing you see will automatically reflect our autoship pricing. For future orders, you'll always receive our same autoship pricing when you sign into your account to order. If you'd like to select autoship later down the road, you can do that too. Whatever is most convenient for you!

Where Can I Buy Life's Abundance Products -

How do I receive the best pricing on my Life's Abundance dog and cat foods, treats, supplements, pet care, nutritional supplements or skin care products?

As a Life's Abundance customer you can purchase your products retail, autoship or we can set up a wholesale account for you. This means that you will receive autoship prices and not need to select autoship during the check out process. This is convenient for those with puppies, kittens, or new dogs and cats where you are learning their schedules.

Many of our customers will later select autoship so there is no need to "go in" and place your order and it will be sent automatically. 

If you would like to be our new customer, CLICK HERE to complete the form for us to set up your wholesale Life's Abundance account. We have been Life's Abundance distributors since 2003.

As soon as your account is set up, we will email (or text if that if your preferred method) that your account has been set up and you will be receiving an email shortly directly from Life's Abundance. When you receive that email, click on the link inside and set up your password. You're ready to order because your prices will already reflect the autoship prices.

If you are picking up your order AND we are setting up your account before your first pick up, please note there will be a slight delay. We do check emails often and will have your account set up as soon as we see the completed form.

After your account is set up, you can order at any time without a delay. 

Purchase Healthy Products For Your Dog And Cat Food

Why Choose Life's Abundance dog and cat products?

Life's Abundance has had NO RECALLS EVER!

Life's Abundance has been in business since 1999.

Life's Abundance currently has 6 warehouses to make shipping to you as quick as possible and carries products for you and your pets.

Life's Abundance dry dog and cat foods are generally shipped within 6 weeks of being made. They don't sit in non climate controlled warehouses or semi trailers for months before hitting the store shelves.

Life's Abundance dog and cat foods are made in small, quality controlled batches for your furry loved one.
New Customer Special! Want to receive our special wholesale pricing on your Life's Abundance products? Receive our autoship prices without being on an autoship and shop when you want. Click here to set up your wholesale account.  

Shop for Life's Abundance Nutritional Supplements

In addition to products for our dogs and cats, Life's Abundance carries a line of nutritional supplements, skin and body care products too! Shop for your pets and yourself at the same time. 

Shop for Life's Abundance Skin Care Products

Are you interested in becoming a Life's Abundance Field Rep? If you are a pet professional or have a passion for helping pets and people live their best lives, we invite you to take a look at our opportunity. You can work your business from anywhere! We have been Reps with the company since 2003 and are happy to help you get started. 

Become a Life's Abundance Distributor

Enjoy your day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek


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