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Does Life's Abundance Have An Affiliate Program?

Does Life's Abundance Have An Affiliate Program

Does Life's Abundance have an Affiliate program? The short answer is No but wait, there's a longer answer.

Life's Abundance has a program that is much better than a standard Affiliate program. Affiliate programs typically pay you 1 time for your referral and after that the company has your customer for as long as they continue to buy. Unfortunately that means no additional income on your work of finding that customer.

It also means that if Jenny sees the Affiliate program on your Affiliate website and signs up, many times you won't receive any financial compensation for Jenny signing up and now her referring customers to that company.

Become a Life's Abundance wholesale customer

How is being a Life's Abundance Rep different than an Affiliate program?

It's WAY better! Why? Because you will earn bonuses and commissions on your customer referrals for as long as they are customers! That means when they purchase month after month, year after you, YOU are receiving a paycheck for your work. YAY!!!

Why else is it better? When Jenny see's the Life's Abundance opportunity and decides she wants to recommend the products, you will earn a commission on Jenny's referrals too!

Plus you'll have us and the company to support you.

What do I need to know about being a Life's Abundance Rep?

Not only does Life's Abundance have healthy, never recalled dog and cat foods, treats, supplements and pet care items, they also have a nutritional supplement line, hair, skin and body care products for us. This gives you a wide variety of products to offer which will also mean you can earn more. 

Life's Abundance has been in business since 1999 and provides you the security of knowing you are working with an established company and top of the line products.

Life's Abundance also pays you twice a month by direct deposit. 

You'll have your own Life's Abundance website that is coded to you by your Rep ID number. You can link to any of the pages so if you have your own website you can have a seamless transaction for your customers to purchase. The website also has a back office where you'll see your customers and  Reps that you sign up plus additional training if you want to learn even more.

There is no monthly mandatory purchase. You're welcome to purchase from your own Life's Abundance website and try and use all the products (that's the best way to show people how awesome they are) and when you do that, you'll earn commissions on your own purchases. However, there isn't a mandatory monthly purchase. You'll earn what we call a Quick Start Bonus the first time your referral purchases a product and then the second and subsequent times they purchase that same product, you'll earn commissions. As they purchase different products, you earn a Quick Start Bonus each time it is the first time they've purchased that product.

How do I sign up to become a Life's Abundance Rep?

It's easy! Click here for more information about our Life's Abundance opportunity and then click the Sign Me Up tab.  You'll see our names, Rich and Lisa Jelinek, at the top and we are your sponsors. Unlike an Affiliate program, you'll have our support as well as the company for questions.

Under the Sign Me Up tab, you'll also see our Basic Kit and our Executive Rep Kits. You'll select one of those which come with either a free month of your Life's Abundance website or three free months. If you choose an Executive Rep Kit you'll also receive full size products and samples. It's up to you on which Kit fits you best.

After you sign up, watch for our Welcome email with additional details because we're here to help you.

Your Life's Abundance website will be active within minutes of signing up and you can start to refer people to your website. You'll receive a copy of every order placed on your website too! 

We've been Reps with Life's Abundance since 2003 and are 9 star distributors. We're excited to work with you and if you just want to do your own thing, that's ok too. We're here no matter what.

Does Life's Abundance Have An Affiliate Program -

View the complete Life's Abundance product line here and see what your Life's Abundance website will look like.

Purchase Healthy Products For Your Dog And Cat Food

Why Choose Life's Abundance dog and cat products?

Life's Abundance has had NO RECALLS EVER!

Life's Abundance has been in business since 1999.

Life's Abundance currently has 6 warehouses to make shipping to you as quick as possible and carries products for you and your pets.

Life's Abundance dry dog and cat foods are generally shipped within 6 weeks of being made. They don't sit in non climate controlled warehouses or semi trailers for months before hitting the store shelves.

Life's Abundance dog and cat foods are made in small, quality controlled batches for your furry loved one.
New Customer Special! Want to receive our special wholesale pricing on your Life's Abundance products? Receive our autoship prices without being on an autoship and shop when you want with the best pricing. Click here to set up your wholesale account.  

Enjoy your day!
Lisa and Rich Jelinek


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