Dog Supplements

Back in 2003 we had an 8 year old rottweiler that had hip and elbow dysplasia surgeries before he was a year old. Storm was feeling his age and the surgeries and there was no way we were ready to say goodbye to our gorgeous boy! I only wish we would have had a video of this change but again, it was back 15 years ago. It still brings a tear to my eye watching him run around our 5 acres with our younger dogs. We highly recommend Life's Abundance... Read more →

Skin problems are some of the most common complaints in veterinary medicine, right up there in the top three. Surprised? It shouldn’t be too shocking when you consider that the skin is the body’s largest organ, one subjected daily to the elements. And for dogs, skin is one of the organs most frequently affected by allergies. With well over 100 different causes of canine skin problems, it can be hard to sort out why your dog is red or itchy. So, how do you even begin to understand why your... Read more →