Dog Treats

It's National Pet Dental Health Month and we're here to celebrate with exclusive savings on 2 delicious dental products for your pooch! Starting today and throughout the entire month of February, Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats for Adult Dogs (9-oz. and 18-oz. bags) and Life's Abundance Porky Puffs are available to everyone at their discounted Autoship prices, up to 18% savings off retail! Celebrate #NationalPetDentalHealth Month by helping dogs support healthy teeth and gums! These 2 products have been part of Rio's life for many years. As a senior dog,... Read more →

Holiday Gift Baskets For Dogs And Cats Have Arrived!! Are you looking for a pawsome gift for your pup? What about the purrrfect gift for your kitty? Are you heading to holiday parties? Do they have dogs? Do they have cats? Imagine their delight when you bring this fantastic gift for their beloved dog or cat! Dogs will go wild over these two drool-worthy treats! There’s even a cheerful plaything for the lucky pup. Everything is neatly bundled in a decorative gift box that will be the perfect adornment for... Read more →

It's training time and your dog or puppy is looking for a reward to say they did a great job! Some treats are loaded with sugars and no nutritional value. Empty calories equal unwanted extra weight. We've been using Tasty Rewards for years. These treats are great for training or just an every day snack. Our dogs have always loved little extras throughout the day and these are easy to break up so a little piece goes a long way. Whether your have a tiny puppy or a large dog,... Read more →

Looking for variety and the ability to try several treats before purchasing larger bags? Look no further! The Life's Abundance Dog Treat Sampler Pack is exactly what you are looking for. It contains an excellent assortment of treats for your dog to try. We've got 3 Antioxidant Health Bars, 3 Gourmet Dental Treats, 3 Wholesome Hearts Low Fat Dog Treats, a quarter-ounce of Tasty Rewards and a delicious, safe alternative to rawhide...our Porky Puff! Purchase your Life's Abundance Dog Treat Sampler Pack and don't forget to add some food to... Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving! Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is surely a canine favorite. There's abundant food, there's full gatherings of friends and family, and did we mention the food? The downside is much of the bounty you'll be serving at your feast doesn't jibe too well with a dog's digestive system. Sure, they'll enjoy it in the moment, but there can be some serious side effects to all the sneaky feeding of scrumptious table scraps. Fortunately, we have some food for though. You'll learn about some of the incredibly tasty and... Read more →

Dog treats should be selected based upon their nutritional merits rather than on cost, flavor or glitzy packaging. When you turn over the package, look at the ingredients. Are you giving your dog sugary snacks? Unnecessary calories? Ingredients that are questionable? If Elvis Dog could talk, he'd want good, healthy treats. We all know what happened to the real Elvis, right? Don't let that happen to your dog. Your pet’s treats should add the healthy components that are known to support hardy immune systems, strong muscles and optimal health. The... Read more →