Dogs In The News

On June 29, 2018, the FDA updated it's warning regarding the noise aversion drug, Sileo, from Zoetis. Updated: From May 2016, when Zoetis began marketing Sileo, to May 16, 2018, the FDA has received a total of 54 adverse event reports involving Sileo overdoses in dogs due to the ring-stop mechanism not properly locking at the intended dose. In the year since the FDA published its original Animal Drug Safety Communication on this issue, the agency has received 26 additional reports of accidental Sileo overdoses in dogs. The FDA is... Read more →

March 13 is National K9 Veterans Day - Saluting the Courageous Dogs of War National K9 Veterans Day is celebrated on March 13th on the official birthday of the US Army K9 Corps, which was formed in 1942. Joseph White, a retired military working dog trainer, originated the idea for the day. A lot of things changed after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Oil, leather and rubber were rationed. Men were drafted. Women rolled up their sleeves and built war supplies. And dogs were called to duty. During... Read more →