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March 26, 2019 - Fast Facts The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cautioning pet owners not to feed their pets three lots of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products raw dog food after samples from these lots tested positive for Salmonella. The codes for each product are listed in the second group of numbers below the barcode on the package. These products are as follows. Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Natural Selections Chicken Recipe with Organic Vegetables for Dogs: 5309(11)181019, manufactured on October 19, 2018 Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Natural Selections... Read more →

January 23, 2019 - This is not a recall, this is a caution issued from the FDA. If you have this food, please check your lot number. Fast Facts The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cautioning pet owners not to feed Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Ground Chicken/Bones/Organs, lot 12.04.2018, after the product tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes (L. mono). This product is identified as “Ground Chicken” on the product labeling and as “Ground Chicken/Bones/Organs” on the firm’s website. If you have this lot of Hare Today... Read more →

We're excited to see another win for Life's Abundance! We're so glad we decided to switch our dogs over to these products and become representatives almost 16 years ago. Life's Abundance has never had a recall in their 20 years in business. We've seen changes in our own dogs as well as the dogs and cats of our pet sitting clients. If you've been watching dog food recalls, you've seen 8 recalls regarding the presence of elevated levels of Vitamin D in dry dog food. That can be toxic and... Read more →

If you've been watching the news or our recalls page, you've been seeing all the dog foods recalled for excess Vitamin D. This is scary and if you have fed any of those, we have tips on what to look for if you're dog is experiencing symptoms of excess Vitamin D. We've also been receiving the questions...Is Life's Abundance involved in the recall? Has Life's Abundance ever had a recall? What does Life's Abundance do to keep our pets safer? Here's the information you are seeking and will help you... Read more →

On July 12, 2018, FDA issued a public notification about the agency’s investigation into reports of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating certain pet foods. While it is early in the investigation, the Center for Veterinary Medicine recognizes that you may have questions. Below we have compiled answers to address some of the frequently asked questions raised by pet owners and veterinarians. On August 10, 2018, they issued a Questions & Answers notification. We've received inquiries regarding Life's Abundance dog food. Below please find additional information regarding DCM and... Read more →

Ready to get your creep on? Disgusting! If you feed these foods, you are NOT going to be happy after reading this. What's more disturbing is the fact it is German cockroaches. From Wikipedia - "The German cockroach is very successful at establishing an ecological niche in buildings, and is resilient in the face of many pest-control measures. German cockroaches are thigmotactic, meaning they prefer confined spaces, and they are small compared to other pest species, so they can hide within small cracks and crevices that are easy to overlook,... Read more →

J. M. Smucker Co said on Wednesday it would buy Rachael Ray Dog food maker Ainsworth Pet Nutrition for about $1.9 billion in cash to strengthen its pet food portfolio, and was exploring options for its U.S. baking business, including a sale. This comes out to approximately US$1.7 billion, after an estimated tax benefit of US$200 million. The transaction, announced April 4, is expected to close early in Smucker's fiscal year beginning May 1, 2018. The deal increases Smucker’s pet food portfolio to 15 brands. Smucker’s deal is the latest... Read more → - March 27, 2018 (Recall from J.M. Smuckers on March 22, 2018) The FDA is alerting pet owners and veterinary professionals about the recall of certain Milo’s Kitchen pet treats after FDA testing found thyroid hormones in products eaten by four dogs that showed symptoms of hyperthyroidism, a disease that is rare in dogs. The FDA’s evaluation of the test results of Milo’s Kitchen treat samples indicates that the treats contain thyroid hormones in substantial amounts. Consuming these treats can trigger hyperthyroidism in dogs. Hyperthyroidism caused by pet food... Read more →

Consumers in California, Minnesota, and Florida are suing Champion Pet Food for “False Advertising”, violations of “feed law”, and numerous other charges. The lawsuit includes results of heavy metal testing and includes results that this dry dog food contains BPA – a chemical typically not associated with dry/kibble pet foods. You can read the lawsuit here - Read more →

It was bound to happen, another big conglomerate got into the pet food game. This time it's General Mills buying Blue Buffalo for approximately US$8 billion, or US$40 per share in cash. I have never been a Blue Buffalo fan. They've been riddled with recalls for years and I still remember when they told all those mom and pop stores (who really built this food for them), they would always stay with them and not go into big box stores. Sure enough, they entered the market with PetsMart and PetCo... Read more →

Gravy Train is made by Big Heart Pet Foods and owned by Smucker's. WJLA news in Washington D.C. has found traces of a euthanasia drug in dog food. The station spoke with a family who say their five dogs had almost instantaneous reactions to eating a can of Evanger’s pet food they later learned was contaminated with pentobarbital, a lethal drug, most commonly used to euthanize dogs, cats and some horses. One of the dogs ended up dying. WJLA decided to launch their own investigation. They partnered with Ellipse Analytics,... Read more →

Wow! It seems like yesterday. I remember seeing the countless recalls come through and getting calls from devastated pet parents who were looking for a healthy option for their beloved dogs and cats. It was awful. I didn't like picking up the phone because there were so many tears being shed from those affected. On March 15, 2007 the FDA notified Menu Foods that pets were dying. On March 16, 2007, the first recall was announced. In less than 3 weeks, the FDA had over 12,000 consumer complaints that their... Read more →